CCF Advanced Drill Weekend

CCF Advanced Drill Weekend

7th Feb 2023
On the weekend of 28-29th January, AG体育app CCF were very fortunate to receive some advanced drill training from LCpl Bugler Fuller, Capt Capon-Russell and Lt Fuller. We began the weekend by being issued with a set of ceremonial uniform and were taught how to care for it properly down to very fine details such as breathing on our caps to ensure there were no fingerprints on them!
We then learnt the correct drill terminology and commands, some of which were surprisingly different from some of the ‘cadetisms’ that have passed down through the years! Afterwards we tried leading a squad of cadets before learning the correct way to teach a drill lesson which we then prepared for the next day, along with our uniform in advance of a drill inspection, where we learnt the points we could improve on.
The weekend also gave us the chance to learn some advanced drill such as rifle drill, cane drill, parade and standard drill which were more challenging than the drill we usually do, so were really fun to have a go at and something that we are all hoping to continue to practise to improve our technique! We put all of our newly learnt skills together and did a mock church parade with standard drill and a troop of guards, as well as the start of a drill routine to music which we were very lucky to be taught by LCpl Bugler Fuller who has a huge amount of experience in this and gave us some useful tips and advice to continue it.
Overall we all had a great weekend and learnt a lot - thank you to the officers who made it possible!

Staff Sergeant Aves


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